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We are trustworthy and highly skilled private investigation services available in your city, Lahore. FactFinders is the most experienced and License holding detective agency with experts from different backgrounds. They are knowledgeable and trained to deal with complicated and tricky cases. The professionals are dedicated and deliver clients’ customized services. We quickly resolved the child loss, cheating partner, pre-martial checking, employee screening, and other services in demand.

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Private Detective in Lahore

FactFinders, as the name suggests, is the most authentic and competent private spy agency in Pakistan. Although we have started the investigation services recently in your country, the professionals have years of expertise in this field from previous law enforcement departments. We have built an impressive reputation and trustworthy relationships with worried clients quickly. FactFinders have an independent office in the United Kingdom and handle the cases of foreign settled customers. Our international presence makes us more reliable and diverse in resolving cross-border services easier. The experts know local and federal laws and act with Government license holders. They help innocent people to inform their legal rights and collect ample clues and facts to support the case. We have developed highly professional and skilled teams nationwide to handle crime and civilian mishaps with 100% confidentiality. The hire inquiry agents are registered for their skills and experience and can quickly resolve diverse and complicated crimes. As one of the leading private eyes in Pakistan, we maintain a good reputation through experts’ committed behavior toward each help seeker. Factfinders jurisdictions are basically on four core areas. First, Tracking the hidden facts or assets and people lost intentionally or in an accident. The second is background screenings for employment or marital checking. The third crucial investigation is our intelligence services, along with surveillance. The last and most important provisions are to assist the businesses in their affairs with trained members.

Excellent Reputation

Whenever you need help from a private detective agency, select the right one, there are several unlisted companies. They misguide the people because of inexperienced personnel and unauthorized facility. FactFinders are a well-reputed Pakistan, and Government registered consultancy to assist people in hours of pain. The professionals are high-profile army or police officials with years of practical experience. Competent in reaching factual findings with cohesive reports. Always check the agency profile and license before signing any agreement.

Highly Secure

Our agents understand the importance of privacy and security of each finding. Sometimes they collect the relevant details of the incident and file in court on behalf of the worried client. The identity of the interviewee is kept confidential, and statements are presented. The official website is fortified with an email encryption program to fill in the relevant information to register complaints. The initial consultation with staff is free of cost. Our offices are trained in self-defense and weapon use and have in-depth knowledge of security devices, camera installation, and operation.

Insurance Services

The delivered services are fully insured of their legitimacy and originality. The professionals are liable for their findings and surveillance reports. The gathered information, projected data, and researched clues are genuine. After assigning, the investigation task to our employees feels safe and well protected. The customer service support staff contact you after receiving the complaint, collect the required details and forward the case to specialists. The supportive staff enables swift and efficient responses to each query.

Wide Coverage

We can provide outstanding services over a wide range of personal to organizational investigations to help settle criminal or civilian legacies. FactFinders is the striving secret eye agency in Pakistan, offering comprehensive investigation provisions ranging from domestic, business, and criminal to civilian nature to entertain all clients. The legal authorities and law enforcement institutes hire us for full or partial assistance in collecting, observing, analyzing, and reporting factual information.

FactFinders: Professional Private Investigators

We are renowned specialists in tracing, recording, and conducting surveillance investigations competently. The hire professionals are diligent and multi-talented to handle complicated and undercover happenings. Our PI agency allows you to resolve your concerns and dilemma at affordable changes quickly. The experts deliver their services with the utmost confidentiality in sensitive matters. At FactFinders, specialist services at the best possible time frame are provided. We can effectively handle fraud and money recovery investigations. The lost or missing persons are rescued in a few hours.

Private Investigation Services

Unbeatable personal or domestic gumshoe provisions are offered, which are customized to the needs and demands. Pre and post-matrimonial investigations are more frequently required to confirm the originality of the purposed person. In some tragic situations, the spouse is contacted to seek cheating partners checking to make the future secure. The child custody issues are resolved by staff to collect the evidence supporting the rightful candidate. The specialists are skilled in finding missing persons and lost children. They are trained to use the technical gadgets helpful in gumshoe services. Online fraud cases and asset tracking issues are duly resolved with field investigations or using database applications.

Business Protection Services

We provide comprehensive commercial detective services to support business personnel from market threats to unfaithful employees. FactFinders facilitate corporations to conduct applicant background verifications, company fraud detection, and annual audits. Similarly, Intellectual Property and Copyright Infringement investigations proceeded to control the selling of fake products, illegal use of company trademarks, and other online platforms’ copyrights. The professionals help the corporations if they suspect some suspicious activities, and surveillance reports are maintained.

Legal Detective Services

The staff members have experienced retired personnel from law enforcement agents and handle the crime case of all natures and severity. They effectively conduct background checks of suspected, cold case re-investigate and claim in court. Real estate fraud and land ownership investigations are competently resolved. The divorce incidents deal with the complete legal inquiry against the partner’s assets tracing, lifestyle, and other legal claims helpful to support in the court. The individuals are selected after receiving a license from the Government of Pakistan and completing rigorous training sessions. Mostly the police hire us to uncover the facts and evidence needed to pursue their proceedings.

Technical Investigation Services

The specialists are skilled in using innovative tools and technologies to collect relevant information effectively and securely. They vigilantly access private and administrative databases to gather personal to organizational verifications. FactFinders is a government-authorized body to access any public details. We can get private statistics through proper channels. Professionals are capable of helping in cybercrime cases with digital investigation tactics.

Hire a Competent Detective Investigator

Whether you are a company owner or a personal client of any private detective agency, It would be best if you considered some credentials of that consultancy before assigning tasks. At such times, you need an experienced professional service to satisfy your desired inquiries. FactFinders is Pakistan’s most competent and skilled spy company registered with state governance. As the general public is unaware of all the legal and technical complications, they need knowledgeable personnel to resolve the issues on their behalf. Our hired members are highly qualified and updated with recent challenges in the Private Investigation field. The professionals are trustworthy and accountable; they understand that to maintain the confidentiality of the information at each step.

Personal Meeting with Us

Everyone understands the importance of meeting the executives before making any commitment. You can never trust any consultancy by viewing online feedback and testimonials. However, they have mentioned their affiliation with authorized bodies and verification certifications. To ensure the real credibility of any organization, one should visit the facility to view the facts. As private spying is sensitive, you cannot trust a random company. Visit the FactFinders offices in Pakistan and United Kingdom to check the authenticity of the agency’s credibility. A face-to-face meeting with experts is necessary to develop a good communication bridge with clients.

Check Agency Credentials

Personal verifications and corporative investigations are both sensitive and need conscious observance of the specialist to state laws and regulations. The experts should be capable of comprehending the legal requirements of the inquiry. The most appropriate way to confirm the reliability and commitment of any gumshoe agency is to check their Government of Pakistan-issued license. The previous customer’s reviews on the official website are also important.

Proof Insurance

Private investigation agencies offer insurance for their services and delivered work. They can be challenging under any misconceptions. We signed a mutual agreement with the client for the liability of both parties. The clients are also insured that their identity and privacy will remain hidden. Similarly, the facts and figures collected should be confidential.

Define Investigation Parameters

The help seeker should completely explain the required parameters of the investigation, which are the basic demands and focus of work. At the initial consultation, the experts asked the client for his desired outcomes and the final reports. Some people hire an agent to testify in court on their behalf; you should clear each point right from the start. Negotiate the cost of the investigation and time limitations before making a contract. FactFinders are experienced personnel who deliver the desired results with extreme sensitivity and discretion.

Qualifications and Experience

You want to ensure that the private detective you hire is qualified to do the job and do it well. The hired professionals are mostly retired army, police, and from other law enforcement agencies. They have ample expertise and knowledge to resolve criminal and civilian investigations effectively. Each spy agency is a specialist in some cases more than others, trying to select a particular consultancy.

Professional Organization Links

Private Investigators work as independents after getting authorized licenses. Sometimes administrative institutions hire skilled agencies to collect information and inquiries for them. FactFinders is a well-reputed and passionate consultancy that has experience working with legal and law governing bodies. Other shady agencies are not updated with legislative requirements currently in practice. Our membership with government organizations shows the authenticity of FactFinders.

Check Recommendations

The private investigation is sensitive, and their web pages are not updated with the reviews and recommendations section. You can contact them and ask to have references from previous clients. Online social media platforms are commonly used to approach any product or service. There are some digital directories available to narrow down your research. After getting enough information about the agency, its credibility is confirmed by references.

Authentic Evidence

The professionals are skilled in delivering the findings in documented reports, supportive statements of the interviewee, video recordings, and evidence that can be presented in court. The collected information should be precise to give good leverage to your case. The specialist delivers comprehensive surveillance reports on personal matters. For legal investigations, the words are more target oriented to get to the findings without approaching the court.

Reasonable Pricing

FactFinders charge a reasonable cost of services depending upon the nature and diversity of the studies. We have moderate pricing and premium provision, making us Pakistan’s most reliable and reputed Detective Investigation service. The cheap cost claims are traps of sub-standard and struggling companies who take your work for learning purposes. Only hire an experienced and skilled professional authority to get the best possible results.

Require Quality Work

The spy agent with experience is more capable than the highly qualified, as these skills are polished with time and exposure. FactFinders team are former army officials, retired police officers, competent lawyers, financial experts, business executives, and some volunteers to deliver individual tasks or collaborate with other government and private organizations.

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FactFinders is a licensed and accredited Private Investigation consultancy. We carried out inquiries of personal and organizational sensitive matters in a completely confidential and legal way. The professionals are specialists in conducting background verifications for pre-marital screening and checking spouses’ concerns about their bad behaviors. They help in finding lost children and missing persons. Similarly, collect evidence to support divorce cases and pre-employment screening. On-demand surveillance of desired individual activity checks is reported secretly.

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The other way to find our assistance is to call our experts for a friendly consultation, or the client can send us an email containing the required incident history.

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Do u need reliable detective agent services in Lahore, FactFinders will be your right choice. We provide a diverse range of background screening to verification provisions for domestic and business origin. They are the trendsetters through dedicated and concerned services. Some prominent aspects of our company are;

  • Experienced and skilled team of experts

  • Reliable and Confidential Services

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Can a private detector carry a weapon?

Yes. Spy agents are fully trained to shoot guns and other protective gear used in their work. They can use tracking devices and sometimes protective sprays in emergencies.

Are there any fixed service charges?

We don’t have any fixed charge rates. After an initial consultation with the help seeker, a road map is defined. Depending upon the nature and diversity of the case, the charge rate varies.

What types of services can a private detector not deliver?

Although we have more power than local citizens but have some restrictions, we don’t wiretap calls without permission. Similarly, we cannot show our identity like police officials. Before installing the GPS tracker, take the attorney of the vehicle owner.

Can a detective arrest the criminal?

No, we are not liable to arrest anyone, not even for investigation. We have to ask the police officials to stop the suspected criminal.

Can Factfinders pursue in court on the customer’s behalf?

Yes, the experienced personnel offer such services where the clients are abroad or have any security issues and need to remain hidden. We signed legal power of attorney from the customer and proceeded further.